Flarf Poetry by Magma Tort


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A juicy sexy gay jackoff big tasty boner of naked man on couch.
Fine, fierce, fresh! for funsies, enjoy! no copyright infringement intended!
(One down ass JUGGALO in a world of juggahoe's)
Offering hotel accommodations in Santa Monica and San Francisco
Informing gender theory, history of sexuality, and some of the philosophy surrounding
the basic tenets of Gay History.
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The Second Degree Of Torture; Sniper At The Fag Parade; Dismembered Then Raped;
Asian Cum-Shot (Hateful-Dub Mix); Paying The Price To Fuck; I Hate. ...

I've taken a couple green shits in the past few days, one half green-half brown shit, and

I'm a little worried. Is this a bad sign? ...
It must be Alopecia!
After Hours: Your boner isn't normal. But in Japan it is. Japan: Not even once.

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