Cut-Up Poetry by Andrew K. Peterson


1.             Lady Day among the stones
2.            Owns her own rationed refelction [sic] bought online
3.             A can, ivory flowers
4.            struggles,
5.            To accept the local mirror stone gone out of business
6.            The flower pales with desire                                   the end
7.             The flower desires
8.            & throws away its skin
9.            Refractions of refelction left alone undone    the end
10.          I lied, I lay my lying, I do my living on the floor
I lay my laid my Nile on the war beside
The dogs with a wheat block in the blank mountain
College has to smell like a neck & my drink  
Drinks from strange orange effervescent sediment
Minor annoyances / rim mirroring / an email
Should ask for what’s to be thrown out & what’s to get left over
For potential ritual, commemorating a return
From an end towards a non-existent point
Should be beside a bridge

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