Flarf Poetry by Andrew K. Peterson


never saw him before, never seen him since. 
was trying to prove everything. what brought
it all to life         I id just behind the curtain
in gorilla position          95% or so is    
Shine – control / heat – comeback – finish
One rule: little guys vs. little guys, big guys
against big guys: The irresistible force meets
the immovable object. Don’t we need to give

Everything we’ve got?     then we can recreate
swimming histories       i.e. “I want
to live with a girl called Alex”. The song
says. “I need a real American”. At least that’s
how  I remember   how baffling the squared circle  
is reality both in / outside  of its divisions. wrestling
video voice tapes back before I was sentinel  
consciousness enough to disarm / articulate desires
The song says “I need
a real American,”  At least that’s what I remember.

Maybe Gorilla didn’t wrestle
bears with gypsies, speak no English, raw
eat meat, drink your victim’s blood. someday
learn what you learn, hold down
dust with tacks, suppress a past  you didn’t help build
The Rochester War Memorial,
Discovered bathing naked with bears
Tears in a stream. In summary, The Aeneid, chapter three
Virgil The Bodyguard turns on his employer,
Wins freedom & a million dollar belt.

Will you stop?     A clothesline & a Beauty
The kisses          The breadbasket
External occipital protuberance 
into an airplane spin into   The Manchurian Splash

This place has gone bananas
The garden just literally exploded

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