Peter Ganick is a classical piano instructor as his day job. He supervised Potes & Poets Press from 1980 to 2000. Since then, he's been involved with Blue Lion Books and, recently, with chalk editions. His recent experimental texts are available through "Remove A Concept," "SPLINTERED," "Hyperspace Cantatas," "Structure of Experience," "tend. field., (a philosophy)," and "text" are among his longer texts.

Ghost runs the label Slow Death Records out of Paris. Slow Death Records deals with HNW and minimal wall noise.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is a Finnish writer, composer, and visual artist. His many published works include "t o o L" (chalk editions), "(no subject)" (Blue Lion Books), "nhtofatathamqdtuina" (arrum press), "Hx5F" (toxic snooze), and "pterodactyl notebook" [with Peter Ganick] (cPress).

Michael Jacobson: "I am a writer of wordless books, and the curator of The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing. My books are 'The Giant's Fence,' 'Action Figures,' 'The Paranoia Machine,' and 'Mynd Eraser.' I am also on the editorial board of When I am not writing books, I am attempting to design a planet called 'THAT.' Minneapolis is the city I call home. I drive an 85 Buick, and I like to brew mead."

John M. Bennett has published over 300 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. Among the most recent are "rOlling COMBers" (Potes & Poets Press), "Mailer Leaves Ham" (Pantograph Press), "Loose Watch" (Invisible Press), "glue" (xPress(ed)), "la M al" (Blue Lion Books), "D Rain B Loom" [with Scott Helmes] (xPress(ed)), "Nos" (Redfox Press), "Balam Malab" (Logan Elm Press), "T ICK TICK TIC K" (chalk editions), and "The Textis Globbolalicus" (mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press). His works, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries. His PhD (UCLA 1970) is in Latin-American Literature.

Zachary Ford spells Zack with a K. Zack is a boyishly charming former athlete who is very serious. About everything. He is an enthusiast of dinosaurs and Lite-Brite, especially dinosaur Lite-Brites. His inspirations to live are Curious George and Scott the Paleontologist. His archenemy is the lamp from The Brave Little Toaster, he's a jerk. One day he will evolve into a beautiful butterfly. Or swan. He'll decide when he gets there. He spends his days pushing kids on swings and playing hide-and-go-seek in sandboxes. He likes bears and soft fabrics on his hands. His favorite word that starts with L is lilac. He has a cookie jar filled with tea. How silly. Everyone loves Zachary Ford. EVERYONE.

My Lovely Figment is an experimental artist from Wisconsin, USA. His past works have included tape manipulations, lo-fidelity noise improvisations, naturalistic ambient pieces, and other avenues, both digital and analog, in a variety of genres.

John David Eriksen is a musician living in Salt Lake City, UT.

Ptimid is the moniker under which Matt Margo creates and distributes HNW. His debut album was released by the Ukrainian net label Hum and Hiss Records in October 2010.
Owen Kaelin has been living between the Boston area and the wilds of northeast Connecticut. He currently edits the literary webjournal Gone Lawn.

Darren Wyngarde AKA Filthy Turd AKA Urdwyg the Golderr is a roaming worshiper carrying a bag of lost sound rumbling of the indescribable.

Keith Higginbotham's poetry has recently appeared in ditch, Eratio, G(o)BBet, O Sweet Flowery Roses, Otoliths, and Sawbuck. His chapbooks are "Carrying the Air on a Stick" (The Runaway Spoon Press) and "Prosaic Suburban Commercial" (Eratio Editions). He lives in Columbia, SC.

Unicorngun is a solo noise project from James Leo of Minnesota, USA. His music (which is not all HNW) can be found on Bandcamp.

Logan K. Young is a contributing writer for Blurt, Dusted, and his alma mater's alt weekly Free Times. He's also written for Crawdaddy!, Option, and the Tower Press Record Guide and been published in The American Mercury, Paris Transatlantic, and The New Post-Literate. A confirmed Creative Commoner and lover of all things loud, he blogs for WFMU's Free Music Archive and Noisebloidthe first, and only, noise tabloid. A lapsed student of the late Karlheinz Stockhausen, he lives with his cat just outside "Suffragette City" in Washington's harDCore suburbs. Right now, he's beta-editing an anthology of slash fiction about the avant-garde.

Jon Beardsley creates macros, poems, and various other webcontent from his home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bedawang is the 'nom de plume' of a being living in Bruges (Belgium) who has been into making sounds in various ways for as long as his memory goes back, holding in mind that everything is frequency!

RC Miller lives in Metuchen, New Jersey. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks and maintains a blog via VISION BLUES.

Works by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino have most recently appeared online at Moria and at Verse Wisconsin and in the print anthologies Hell Strung and Crooked (Uphook Press, 2010) and Maintenant 5 (Three Rooms Press, 2011). In 2009 he received the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Doctor of Arts in Leadership program at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. In his spare time, he writes at his blog, The Postmodern Romantic, and edits the online poetry journal, Eratio.

Ellen Flannery Major is an art school dropout and writer from New Hampshire. She runs a tumblr and works at a fast food restaurant.

Johnny Vulpine (a.k.a. Johnny Garcia) is a musician and writer originally from South Texas who now spends most of his time in New Hampshire. He is one half of the experimental online noise band 'AAAAAa' and has a solo project under the name 'Johnny Vulpine.' He also runs a tumblr and twitter with the same name.

Jackson Nieuwland likes unicorns.

James Duncan (b. 1992) is not sure.

Joe Bussiere is a poet currently located in Brooklyn, NY. His work is forthcoming in "Shampoo" and "Blue & Yellow Dog." He is online at He likes to skateboard.

Justin Carter lives near Houston, TX. He is a senior at the University of Houston and editor of Banango, the Literary Blog. His work appears/is forthcoming at For Every Year and Internet Poetry.

Rachel Hyman is a resident of Chicago, IL and editor of Banango, the Literary Blog.

Luc Fierens is a networked collagist and visual poet provocateur; his work emerged out of Poesia Visiva, Mail-Art, and Fluxist circles. Fierens's diverse practice focuses on language/image as a raw material and the exploration of alternative forms of distribution and communication. As such, he promoted a transnational dialogue prior to the inception of the Internet with his mail art projects (Social-Art, Cornucopiae...) and publications (Postfluxpostbooklets) from 1984. Now he continues his research with artists from his "social architecture" with whom he exchanges, forwards, and directs art and collaborative projects through the (e-)mail, and with whom he organizes associated meetings, performances, publications, and exhibitions. His publications and works can be found in major archives (R&M Sackner Archive-Miami, Artpool-Budapest [Hungary]), libraries (MoMA Library, Rare Books Coll. University of Buffalo, USA), museums (MaRT [Trento e Rovereto-Italy]), and several private collections (Fondazione Berardelli [I]).

C.P. Harrison is a poet living in Austin with some family, many friends, and most of the heat.

Magma Tort (real name unknown) was a Russian poet and noted pupil of 20th century mystic G.I. Gurdjieff, who is commonly cited as "The Father of Flarf." After years of utter obscurity spent wandering the streets of Moscow, Magma Tort died naked and prostrate, on Sparrow Hills, in 1934. The influence of Pushkin informs much of his work and some scholars claim so does the music of Schubert. His work was discovered by Elena Sergeevna, wife of fellow Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. She is said to have found them in the floorboards of her husband's study, leading some to speculate that Magma Tort is, in fact, a pseudonym of Bulgakov himself. However, the meager amount of historical information pertaining to him indicates that this is not the case.

peterbd needs to get his shit together.

Hugh Tribbey's poetry has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in Sugar Mule, Experiential-Experimental Literature, Eratio, and Moria. He is the author of six collections of poetry. His most recent are Mime Box and Day Book. Hugh holds a Ph.D. in English from Oklahoma State University and teaches literature and creative writing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

Patrick Trotti is a writer among other things. He's currently in college to figure out what those "other things" will be.

Jane L. Carman enjoys unruly things that push against genre and expectations. She is an ABD PhD candidate at Illinois State University where she is a former Sutherland Fellow and currently teaches innovative writing and literature. Her most recent work can be found in Devil's Lake, Santa Clara Review, JAC, elimae, Pequin, and forthcoming in The Dirty Fabulous (Jaded Ibis Press). She is the founder of Festival of Language, an annual array of artists in motion that coincides with AWP.

Your Name:
The Underground Supastar!
Most diversified sound EVER!
Cooler than your grandmother!

Areyfu is the project name of Michael J. Ellingford from Australia.

Jim Withington, Portland's self-absorbed, self-proclaimed Rock Poet Laureate, no longer lives in Portland. His background is in education and interdisciplinary art, and he sometimes gets frustrated that this mostly means that his interdisciplinary art usually educates. He enjoys Happy Socks for the aptly named brand name, hates the sound of water fauceting into empty bottles, and hates bragging but secretly wants you to know that he once reviewed a show for

Gary J. Shipley is the author of Theoretical Animals and co-author of Necrology. His work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in The Black Herald, New Dead Families, Gargoyle, la Granada, nthposition, > kill author, elimae, and others. He is on the editorial board of the arts journal SCRIPT. More details can be found here.

Born, raised, and living in Sydney; Scott Jardany Lewis is currently majoring in English. He's featured in Thought Catalog, The Scrambler, and and tweets at!/ScottJJLewis

N.T. is an acronym writing on the internet. N.T. can neither swim nor operate a vehicle despite possessing four working limbs. It's up to you to decide whether or not N.T. is a government agent (but it's pretty unlikely).

Sam Langer was born in February 1983 and then finished a B.A. in May 2007. He lived in North Fitzroy (: Melbourne: Australia) (these are not emoticons) for approx 26 years. He moved to Berlin in October 2011, apparently so as to drink larger beers more frequently. He edits Steamer. His work has appeared in a few different places, including Cordite, Otoliths, and Steamer.

Seth Copeland is currently studying Creative Writing at Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma. His poetry has appeared or will be appearing in Apropos, Symmetry Pebbles, and Garbanzo. He doesn't get enough sleep sometimes.

Andrew Worthington lives in Harlem, where he teaches engineers at the City College of New York. He has an ebook (, a magazine (, and a blog (

Doomettes operate out of Anchorage, AK, USA and pursue doom pop, acoustic body music (it's like EBM, but with an A), and an organic style of harsh noise wall. Doomettes are willing to answer any inquiries, occasionally mail home-cooked goodies to any interested parties, and have made a home at

Billy Bob Beamer (b. 1947) works in small formats to create compositions through the use of meditational and labor-intensive techniques. He has exhibited in over 60 solo, juried/curated, and invitational art shows throughout the USA and at the Ancient High House Museum, Staffordshire, UK. His art works can be found in numerous public and private collections, including the Virginia's Governor's Mansion, the Virginia Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley, and the estate of noted art/cultural historian, Roger Shattuck. Currently, in addition to his own drawing, Beamer teaches classes in "drawing as quiet active meditation" to relieve pain and stress.

Liam Adams is a boy-like thing who comes from London. They write poetry when high from drinking 15 cups of green oolong tea, think more genderfuck rap lyrics than coherent thoughts, and can be found making music and tweeting under the name Aurist. Their other poetry is scattered but a lot of it is at

Brad Liening lives in Minneapolis. He's the author of Ghosts and Doppelgangers (Lowbrow 2011) and several chapbooks.

Sarah Edwards currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She likes to play with words and images.

Florence Bocherel comes from London but is exploring North America right now. She makes mini analog avant-garde films.

Cecelia Chapman is an artist living in California and working in video, collaborating with sound and visual artists online.

Blaine Reininger is a composer living in Greece, co-founder of the band TuxedoMoon, a pioneer in experimental music.

Jeff Crouch is a visual artist and composer living in Texas.

Volodymyr Bilyk was born in the Ukraine and has a degree in journalism. Besides being a visual artist, he's also a sound producer, video artist, and a collector of films. He is co-editor of the Extreme Writing Community.

Adam Trawick is a telepathic Japanese woman currently living in the fourteenth century. Your being here now is no coincidence.

Michael Berton has published poetry in national and international publications, including Liebamour, Ouroboros, The Blinking Cursor, The Cracked Mirror, REM Magazine, Snow Monkey, and Eintritt Frei. He lives in Portland, OR.

A. Lenkeit is a lizard person. His website is and his Twitter handle is @a_lenkeit. End bio.

Clive Gresswell is a 54-year-old experimental poet from Luton, England.

Francesco Aprile (1985-06-03, Lecce, Italy) Free lance journalist, contributor, poet and visual-poet, graduated in Philosphy. In 2010 he became member of the literary movement called New Page - Narrativa in store founded in 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro and for which he published 22 brief novels and 2 poetry – in store; He worked as a press agent, secretary, editing exhibition and critical works of the authors belonging to this movement; In 2010 he edited releases of the movement (New Page) in the newspaper Il Paese Nuovo. In 2012, for New Page, he worked as teacher with Giovanna Rosato at Biblioteca Comunale Gino Rizzo (Cavallino, Le - ITA): They propose an laboratory of literary research for guys, and they have realised the poiesis like approach ethnographic/pedagogical. Since march 2013 the cure of this movement is at two voice: F. S. Dòdaro - F. Aprile. In April 2011 he founded the group of research and artistic protest Contrabbando Poetico, subscribing the first manifesto. In 2012 the group Contrabbando Poetico is intertwined with Unconventional Press (research on the media, independent editions founded by Aprile – Caggiula - Gaetani). Critical and theoretical works, literary papers are spread over daily newspapers and magazines. He studies the new frontiers of the languages of research. His works of visual-poetries are archived at libraries and museums, italians and strangers, like the Poetry Library (London). He have founded and directed the collections of artistic research like Snapshots Narrations (2010-2013), Schede Letterarie (Unconventional Press, Lecce-Roma 2012, with C. Caggiula – R. Gaetani), Flyers (Contrabbando Poetico, Lecce-Roma 2011).

Theia Claude is an abstract photographer heavily influenced by dadaist poetry of sorts. Tumblr: 

Edward Kulemin: 1960 - born in town Yaroslavl (Russia). 1984 - graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. An artist, poet, author of many realised and unrealised projects (texts, paintings, art objects, installations, performance, visual poetry, video art, photography, book-art, mail art...). An inspirator and organiser of various communication creative societies (KEPNOS, Group of Unknown Artists, Smolensk School of Appologists, etc.). A participant of many art exhibitions and festivals. An author of the books: “It seems to have begun”(1994), "Odnohujstvenny Ulysses”(1995), "By the artificial way" (1998), Multimatum”(2002). His works can be viewed at:
Andrew K. Peterson’s poetry publications include some deer left the yard moving day (BlazeVox, 2013), karaoke lipsync opera (white sky ebooks, 2012), Museum of Thrown Objects (BlazeVox, 2010), and bonjour meriwether and the rabid maps (Fact-Simile Press, 2011). Recently anthologized in Emergency Index 2012 (Ugly Duckling Presse), & contributed to Jennifer Karmin's 4000 Words, 4000 Dead collaborative project (Kora Press). He edits the online lit journal summer stock, and lives in Massachusetts. 

Davis Schneiderman’s works include the novels Drain (TriQuarterly/Northwestern), Blank: a novel and [SIC] (both with Jaded Ibis). He is Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Center for Chicago Programs at Lake Forest College. He lives in the Chicago area, with his wife and two daughters.

Stephen Emmerson's publications include 'A never ending poem...' (Zimzalla) 'Telegraphic Transcriptions' (Dept Press / Stranger Press), 'No Ideas but in Things' (Dark Windows Press), 'Albion' (Like This Press), 'The Last Ward' Very Small Kitchen, and 'Pharmacopoetics',(Apple Pie Editions).

Ali Znaidi (b.1977) lives in Redeyef, Tunisia where he teaches English. His work has appeared in Mad Swirl, Stride Magazine, Red Fez, BlazeVox, Otoliths, streetcake, & elsewhere. His debut poetry chapbook Experimental Ruminations was published in September 2012 by Fowlpox Press (Canada). From time to time he blogs at – and tweets at @AliZnaidi.

 Among other things, Nico Vassilakis curated Ten Turkish Visual Poets and co-edited The Last Vispo Anthology. His recent books include ALL-PURPOSE VISPO and MOMENTS NOTICE. Nico maintains the website - Staring Poetics and facilitates the online Vispo Supplement over at COLDFRONT.