An Update Concerning Links

Those of you who have been gracious enough to submit to CMDT and/or check out the blog may have noticed that none of the contributors' notes contains any sort of links. The reason for that is I will soon be adding a LINKS page to the site, and it will be there that you can direct yourself to the many projects and prospects associated with our wonderful contributors. This, and more, is forthcoming.


Harsh Noise Wall by Unicorngun


Three More Texts by Darren Wyngarde


cosmic cosmic dogs
doomsday ditch
doomsday  vomit
fuck sewers
funeral vomit
hot anxious humps
hot humps
impossible humps
impossible glass galaxy
dirty galaxy


glass convulsing mud?
horse   magic
hot mandible
carry the death
remember dogs?
doomsday memories slither
impossible to piss
anxious Green orbit
cosmic vomit


the glass dog fuck ditch
doomsday dog piss vomit
dog vomit
convulsing dogs
vomit vomit teeth humps
doomsday galaxy gravy humps teeth sewer
dog humps an impossible dog tongue
cosmic doomsday vomit galaxy humps beetle dog
hot teeth hump vomit  magic
your glass wallpaper my fine vomit
anxiety is green
this funeral needs gravy
a hot doomsday dildo
a decorative vomit house
some sharp magic
a doomsday face


Two New Poems by Zack Ford

“Meeting in the Elevator Pt. 1: Crossbreeding”

Elevator music
Love flows through the notes
Her feel
Shocking the coyote’s feel
If only he was human
Coyote thinks
If only this coyote wasn’t a creep
Sacagawea thinks
Fourteenth floor

“The Life & Times”

The elephant was on Ritalin
He was failing school
So Ms. Teacher Elephant said
That’s the answer
So momma elephant drugged up her son
So elephant started doing Ritalin
But it didn’t help
So he dropped out of school
Sold his Ritalin
Spent all his money on peanuts
5 years pass
Found dead in a gutter with shells littering his trunk
Good recommendation teacher elephant


Three Texts by Darren Wyngarde


your cosmic agony
anxiety humps
gravy beetles
hot impossible vomit
dirty dogs
doomsday sewers
funeral fuck galaxy
the glass ditch


cosmic humps
gravy agony
anxious impossible beetles
hot dogs
doomsday vomit
dirty fuck sewers
funeral glass galaxy
the  ditch


glass sewers
funeral dogs
anxious dogs
doomsday galaxy
doomsday humps
dirty  humps
impossible vomit
hot fuck vomit
hot cosmic ditch


(Non-Flarf) Poetry by Keith Higginbotham


over window of fractured shadows up

glass bagpipes make
the never-slapped sleeves;
missing colored the brushfires nothing lining

face bed with all lyrical all a
slamming collar all as:
in harvesting


cafeteria the,

a whim no face blazing like sings the wrong the
arrogance wrapped granite
reflection worried arm unwind and

plum on cheese Sausage
view banked and wrong fluid
remember home with abandoned a rust
twinkle, in call hours clouds work wing boy


embers ridge the necklace
the mulberries. glasses stocking
corduroy clouds—hungry up against piece of

bed boy victrola bread invisible


Two Untitled Textual Poems by Darren Wyngarde


human domestic on Green Dong?
a constant cloaks death

tentacles mob dog?
tape me

horse emits illegal buildings?
magnetic bog

Oh mud?
carry it to the graveyard


Remember magic broken hotel, hand maintained. Curtains of piss,
domestic girls underneath memories close convulsions saturated boiled
in calamity. Typical U.R.A job. Always in orbit. Don't gas the
strippers. Don't touch the tentacles.  The door has screaming rhythm.
The shades are slimy. Uncontrollable monsters. People die. It's
disturbance, the yellow ticket. There slithered my mandible ghastly
and distressed in obscure time. I can't find the stairs.


Fiction Dribble by Owen Kaelin


A fog blurs the city, the sky tightens. The guy passes the girl, who catches him: “Who do you think you are? Are you my mirror, now?” The guy regards the fog, looks at the tightened sky, then: “How do I say it?” She only cries. “I’m sorry,” he says.


Harsh Noise Wall by My Lovely Figment

Note from the artist: "This track is an excerpt from a one-off HNW tape utilizing a minimal setup of two keyboards and a tape recorder."


Flarf Poetry by Zack Ford

“The Truth of Stories”

Pt. 1: Liar Liar Your Shell is on Fire

My friend tortoise
You didn’t win the race
You’re slow
And a liar
You try to be the one symbolizing morals
But all you symbolize is a lack of truth
And a sense of exaggeration
That rabbit kicked your ass
We all know the truth
Be ashamed

Pt. 2: Cheater with a Beard

You think you’re all witty
But you’re also a liar
Your name isn’t Rumpelstiltskin
You imagined that name to screw with people’s minds
I saw your birth certificate
Your name is David
Dammit David

Pt. 3: Rabbit Holes and Blue Pipe Smoking Caterpillars

Hey Alice
You’re only a child
So get off the acid
It’s unsafe

“Creative Letdown”

Man, I’m so upset I didn’t invent the Muppets
I wake up every morning with such a deep furnace of anger that I didn’t create Cookie Monster
I could have invented Kermit
He’s only a frog made of a sock
I can do a Muppet-like voice
I mean my Muppet voice sounds like a steroid-raging Grover
But the kids could have gotten used to it
I mean
Dammit Jim Henson
Taking all the good ideas
Maybe I’ll take up shadow puppetry
Do you think celebrities will sing songs with a shadow puppet named Krause?


Three Wordpoems by John M. Bennett

"lent my st"

lent my st
orm K
new you
= dog plate =

muscle door
mismo ,lo
Mitey minD

gasp and drop
heave mumble
my blood b lessure

"Take a Walk"
my lunger shadow ÷ dog air
blocks sight ÷ smelly fridge shoe
gritty sandwich hair ÷ whole frost
windy ear ÷ my damp flake
the smoking bowl ÷ dust dottle
shuttered gnats ÷ crusted coffee sleep
your phone lint ÷ exhalation flag
blot book ÷ sticky ink licked
mud lumber wallowed ÷ foggy stair
stare crowd ÷ my nested armpits
mice and toast ÷ lost lentil
chewed shoelace ÷ the exit time
flocks of hats ÷ doubled lens
poured cloud ÷ my gutted sleeve


pock off
dime off
cram off
lent off
gun off
mile off
mind off
spell off
grime off
tomb off
moan off
dung off
smell off
name off
tongue off
sky off
flame off
clot off
mind off