3-Month Anniversary Ustream Reading

Three months ago from tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25th, the first official submission to CMDT was posted, and I intend to celebrate. If you haven't already been made aware via Facebook, I will be hosting a live reading—streamed directly from my bedroom—of some of the excellent contributions I've received thus far. I will also read plenty of great work outside of this blog, and I would like to encourage you to send me a piece of your own for this occasion. There may or may not be a Harsh Noise Wall dance party during the course of the night, but even if there is not, tune in for the reading at 7:30 P.M. Eastern! You can involve yourself by visiting this very post. I hope that you will join me.

UPDATE: The reading was a terrific success, with 80+ viewers who came and went throughout the night. Due to issues with my video-editing software, I was unable to splice together any individual moments of note for your convenience, but you can still watch the event in its entirety below. Thank you again to everybody who attended! Below the archived videos is a list of what was read as well as what was mentioned but not read.

What was read:

Selected Contributions to CMDT
Two Poems by Ellen Flannery Major
“Clapping Hands (Portrait of Beth Weisser)” by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
“The Peaches Are Cheap” and “What the Fuck is an Electrolyte?” from Mike Young’s Look! Look! Feathers (Word Riot Press, 2010)
A Poem by Johnny Vulpine
Communication by Jackson Nieuwland
“You do,” “Strawberries and cherries,” “Be,” “Bitch,” “Don’t,” “Darius and Michelle,” “Chess,” “Kevin and it,” “Monty and Lisette,” “Blah-blah-blah,” “L&B&R (Take 1),” “L&B&R (Take 2),” “Gus and Nadia (Take 1),” “Gus and Nadia (Take 2),” “Gus and Nadia (Take 3),” “...,” and “?” from Nigel Tomm’s Nanodrama Not Nanofiction (BookSurge Publishing, 2007)
Excerpt from Tao Lin’s Eeeee Eee Eeee (Melville House Publishing, 2007)
Chapter VII of Alexander J. Allison’s The Prodigal
Two Excerpts from Christopher Higgs’s The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney (Sator Press, 2010)
The “Teachers and Staff” page of my 2010 high school yearbook
“Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender Remix” from Nigel Tomm’s Selected Works of Nigel Tomm (2006/2007) (BookSurge Publishing, 2007)
“Spring,” “Happiness Levels 1994-2004,” “Happiness,” “Friday Night,” “Something Unbelievable Happened Yesterday,” “Deciphering My Hand,” “The Stigma of Self-Publication,” “Planning the Poetry Reading,” “Applause,” “Audience,” “Poetry,” “how long does it take to write a poem?,” “Mahi-Mahi,” “How to Say Thanks When You Mean It But Don't Really Have Time Right Now,” “The Secret of Life,” “Another Secret,” “A French Secret,”  and “The First Internet” from Mair√©ad Byrne's The Best of (What's Left of) Heaven (Publishing Genius Press, 2010)
“Swimming in the House of the Sea” from Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Angel Dust Apocalypse (Eraserhead Press, 2005)

Books mentioned but not read:
Matt Margo’s compostable (chalk editions, 2011)
Deborah Willis’s Vanishing and Other Stories (Harper Perennial, 2010)
Geof Huth’s ntst (If P Then Q, 2010)
Adam Robinson’s Adam Robison and Other Poems (Narrow House Press, 2009)



LINKS Page Now Online

Some of you followers, contributors, and/or strangers may have already noticed that I recently created the LINKS page I had been promising to make one day. There you can find 42 links pertaining to all of the wonderful folks who have submitted to CMDT thus far, as well as other literary blogs/journals and websites that embrace the many experimental forms of literature and music. More links will be provided as people continue to send work and as the Internet continues to excite me with goodies. Stay tuned.



Three More Poems by RC Miller

"Pacifist Woo"

Hawks are sought in a photoshop messup. Like me, they wonder if they brushed their teeth today.

There is mystery as I like to order

Semblances of roast beef suddenly bucking where the hawks were photoshopped.

A real dude brushes the hairs on his back. Years are in stacks now, descrambling popcorn.

"Merciful Pancreas"

Early modern scorpion composed of fingernails
Resolves catching frogs in a tadpole.
There are still places in the world where
A bag of nuts sniffs the air and wags its tail.

Medical morning light speculates a park
Gagging on huge amounts of saliva
Wrung from
A shiny merciful pancreas sporting urine for hair.

"Inheritance 1"

Fatal is soil the
Dumber mouth is
The spent that's stuff
That came that beast
As God as worm
Legs covered with eared toad humps
Choose my begging
Garden full of slave
Cities full of slave
Brains full of lays and political
Olden days in a lizard's scrappy
Penis shitting doughnuts
To heaven or hell
With a bag full of farting
Doughnuts made from balding eggs
Hold on and tan their virgin parts.

Fun stomachs ward
Nose brushed pig tender huge chin air smushing though
Kissing like bone essence of the very sane
Soil is sodomy.