Flarf Poetry by Jim Withington


Hi Jim, this is Alex Sundance
boyfriend. I was just calling
about the chair of it, she said she could
have. I'm just gonna come over and
pick it up. I have my friend's car and
I could swing by and pick it up
anytime this afternoon
if that works for you
guys in your runs very busy

but you know.
So whatever is easiest,
just please give me a call.
My phone number is (XXX) 730-6140

thanks bye.


Hi Jim, this is some
you know i key. For Your stable.
I want to take your Staples.

I miss you up on the and Section 417 again.
I said he'd on. Please call me back.

I'm very region for you. I know.
Great knowledge to tell you about.
If you wanna call okay we can meet each other.

Thank you, bye.

Three Texts by James Leo


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up terrorism
proverbial rain


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Why is not expensive or radical leadership?
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The blast.

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Best friends.
The third business processes are being ignored.

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No risk of sexually transmitted diseases despair.
Constitutional issues.
However, speaking from home.


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is not gay, if you do not need to do in the game. Genocide, Hitler

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killed for food. Pipe end of your ass? Hitler referred to the

If a bird is about Hitler? Have you heard of the drug, if the money?
Smoke rising from genocide, administrative waste, so Ren gun. How to
manage patients in the accident.

Hitler was able to explain the link? Hitler was impressed with the
weapon? Hitler killed and a long needle. Review of Hitler's pressure.
Do you think that the Holocaust and the murder of financial dragon?

Hitler's Holocaust. Music gloves Holocaust. Hitler led his group of
crack. Deleting a character is part of the poison in his career.
Hitler's Holocaust.


Flarf Poetry by Jim Withington


Jim I am having a great day.
But I'm
very tired.
And And
trouble staying awake

I worked all day and I am so much want to do.

I don't know if it is, and I'm going to sleep okay bye
hello to live meeting right now,
benefit. We're putting on. But I don't know so I didn't know hello to let you know

I want to give you a quick but seems like a experienced it.
So they 5 falls convincing or maybe I will advancing with the holler.

I was in.
If you could.
Well, If nothing else,
I will see you before noon.
But I, but.

One way or another. Hello.

Place myself in your life the neck, you can.
Hello tomorrow. The Impact worship.
But. One of them.

If I help you put them in boxes orsomething.

I was. I don't wanna party.

I hope it will be there as well. But if I don't wake up. For putting is done, hello. We will be there in spirit, monthly. Because, putting on sleep.


Hey Jim Sherk
just going to say hey
let you know what's going on. I mean.

Holly and my 2 buddies from Wisconsin.
Yes, sir, and we're gonna just got the pop alignments
want to leave the back door open for a if that's cool

wear black up the gates
the ridley's good.

He's got water everything should be good.
If you wanna stop in for any reason, or you need it.

You can call his phone
or on my phone and just
leave a message to the receptions
horrible and then I will keep checking it.

And then
If you are
stopping the Pops
and have a bear
with us up to you

otherwise the bacterial be open to reset. Yes.

If anything is changes and you need us like you come over night.
We will do what we have to do and Later, alright buddy.
So I'll talk to you want to talk to you.