Three Poems by Jon Beardsley

Poem 1.

Aww what's the rub
this Jeff Goldblum stutterstep talk you do
T-rex water glasses shimmy here to me
and all the science in the world can't save us

and I've got your nose,
got your nose,
got your nose.

Poem 2.  

hey perpetrator
hey do nogooder
you cannot steal from me for
i don't have anything
to steal

not true it niggles
we are not empty
we are not clear
we are elementary
but not simple groups

Poem 3.

asperger's wh'sgotit
zero accident failure rate terminal halibut disaster rasterize asbestos party
nerd birth alcohol shaman navel naval absolute absinth dietrician obstetrician shvings
belly up toby keith helpless hapless
wood grain veins berry clause presentation habituary
mothocross pied

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