Three More Poems by RC Miller

"Pacifist Woo"

Hawks are sought in a photoshop messup. Like me, they wonder if they brushed their teeth today.

There is mystery as I like to order

Semblances of roast beef suddenly bucking where the hawks were photoshopped.

A real dude brushes the hairs on his back. Years are in stacks now, descrambling popcorn.

"Merciful Pancreas"

Early modern scorpion composed of fingernails
Resolves catching frogs in a tadpole.
There are still places in the world where
A bag of nuts sniffs the air and wags its tail.

Medical morning light speculates a park
Gagging on huge amounts of saliva
Wrung from
A shiny merciful pancreas sporting urine for hair.

"Inheritance 1"

Fatal is soil the
Dumber mouth is
The spent that's stuff
That came that beast
As God as worm
Legs covered with eared toad humps
Choose my begging
Garden full of slave
Cities full of slave
Brains full of lays and political
Olden days in a lizard's scrappy
Penis shitting doughnuts
To heaven or hell
With a bag full of farting
Doughnuts made from balding eggs
Hold on and tan their virgin parts.

Fun stomachs ward
Nose brushed pig tender huge chin air smushing though
Kissing like bone essence of the very sane
Soil is sodomy.

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