Appropriational-Translationalist Poems by Joe Bussiere

Note from the author: "these poems relied heavily on online translator programs"

"Aphrodite Hymn for Sappho"

Aphrodite Great Immortal Throne
Zeus, witch girl thanks
In Queens, anxiety and stress here
                   Do not crush my soul

What I said before -
You can make my voice calls from far away
And here, you and your father
            Neighboring properties;

Couriers wing wagon universal
The fluid exchange in the dark FAST
infinity dike lot, like a

So I would like to come, God bless,
Smile, you need to ask content gods
Oh, a new strike

What is your greatest desire is the foolish heart
I was now, I think attracts me
It was pretty confident
        Sappho was influenced you?

Why do we still follow soon
And he immediately offered the same thing, if you refuse a gift
Yes, you can not love is I know right
        Are welcome.

Come back, please spare me the pain of giving
Car Care, please visit the Statue of Ohio
I understand that a long time to achieve
        As an ally.

"Fragmental dreams of Li Bai"

Good god. Ming Tang Fu around for this year.
    The start hall, old General Chapter. Concluding the time is not set, the pain of ya Welling step. Days of follow-up for, in the case into it. Zhao's son for years, the Pi Sung Si million industry. Emperor cover congenital, in cases of Mukden.
    So cross history and a glorious, sun bleaching nine, sweep for rebels, opened vast mixed. King Star Yao and too Jieping, rainbow off the sun and the moon Zhang. Chin if Taizong, following the next re-light. After the camp, not color does not matter. Factor to the square, not at Satan in the million room tax? Water is a quasi-provincial judge, save Yun Liang. Qi jade in Long (soil reaction), air (Wang Huai) material in the Xiaoxiang. Qiao won the ghost, high poverty Hao Tsang. Listen to day language of the Cha Cha, the proposed home. Although the existence Xi temporary labor and, before my Queen St mo. Fuming Tong of Hong Zhuang view also, the unexpected sun about to rise lucent, at first kept out first. If the big old knot strength empty. Precipitous (Hill from) decadent Da, if, if Ye Wei. Similar to the door of the opening and closing days of cyberspace.
    So the structure almost ecliptic, ROADS loom almost Ziwei. Network hook to wind Yuan Chen, Kai Fei provision gate of heaven. Lofty lofty Yi Mountain, Can Come glorious universe. Song spray perilous Iraq, leaning on a thin month.
    Offer room to cut the heart, looking Shaoyang and initiatives. Yin mining system, as appropriate, steps in summer. Room re-housing complex in lieu of the name, including chen times the number of fire wood. Wind to blow, to comb dense subterranean gloom. The green with good gas, spit smoke Xiang Yu tower. Transamerica nine rooms, five Quarters Uninterrupted, force and police it, to charm Bing-Huan Zhao rotten, prosperous and correct the sundial for Mt. Michaelis Penghu sea floor. Eat Zong of the Japanese concept. Tigers unjust, Qiu Qian Pan ladder. The sky and straight, and overlooking the river down low. Lady Stardust in net household climbed, golden month in question is satisfied.
    The first patrol of the wild hills in the quail, speaking Wu Lishan Mountain in the next. Come worship soil behind closed doors. Kongtong travel almost on top of Fenshui yang. Suction of the elite and dismiss the sweet taste. If the management of their country of your dreams, the hometown of several Hua Xu. Yuan Yuan Tan Ran So, I do not know where. If the group goes from the dragon, the sea waters ran. This really called me the King, as the government is of the Church also. Qin Zhao Qi Wu and Biff, the high contention competing luxury. Results A room. This point of view, but also less known Status of the giant Yao Tai Li is security for language? Yang dare the United States, thus making speech said: Xiong Chongming Tang, Heaven opened Xi. Precipitous (Hill from) Hong Meng, structure (Wang Huai) materials Xi. Yan Jian boundless Mang, Miao Cui Wei Xi. Zhou flow hall with a circlet, perilous Lingtai Xi. Heyi day, spray wind and thunder. Zongsi giggle larva, the king of Hong recovery.

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