A Poem by Joe Bussiere

FROM "456"

snakes eat things, filmed
           apparently sodomized the leader
the last moments, drone for family
at taxis a Acapulco scapego   Pakistans
nose error don't dive              landing
my own nurses
                       my labort causing no goal
these cigarettes floating Atlantic
           the great cube, the Ka'aba
the summer the winter the equinoxen
molding metals           making shapes

           dressed in cloth          lifestyle
oriental largely temporary suspend several
support wide more intricate national call

            the main body oppose
            mono-lingual   briefly internal
            seer time member moot point
            doing anti- also          brutal variety

truly environmen                     where this point
                                              unit freed made
                                              form reme-
                                              mber bega-
                                              n the role th-
                                              e particul
                                                              ar fire org
nonliminal building                   s most suxual
coarse flux who           would  go       on
religious sex bickering             rejected emph
asis rejex        rejects              second people
important and non-important   most of its life
priviledge wheel          police car police sirens please
ectives             intersexy most of fraction
                       older former concern attender never
                       who would in part under racing working
themselves between grand canyon demolition
                                 larger circles of pathizers
the pan sky      the subjective quantity of life
                        lie down econome
                        layers of well being layers of thinking
the planned sky what of all planned
           nothing unexpected, hydrogen
elements uranus pluto flying into space
car factory      detroit lady    come see
rhymes with drug store alas needs refrigeration
everything climate                  what corpus
makes it
easier to speak of       and      eat corpus
what digital prints you take soldier at war
                      the commander in chief coins
peppermint hibiscus parsley    billions federal
reservation of songs    when war songs
                                   are boring and the limes
                                   are rotten now and so cold

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