Two Poems by Joe Bussiere

These two poems have been excerpted from Joe Bussiere's chapbook MY CORN SONGS with the author's permission.

my corn, a song

my corn a song
throw me paper
towels rake me
now today slam dunk
corpus of acquisition
soak a sponge
you gay Im
throwing cash around
rendering pinkness
your cardiac cool
it isnt fun
to be so fat
fat hope fat
love I had a fat dream
the tongue on my
tongue isnt your
tongue because of fat
fat is god's word
inside a house
connecting my penis
dont wanna be your
skink tail wanna
be your kitchen
women's suffrage
illuminates reality
more than virginity

which is more
realistic or lime-
stone you think
I think cereal time
summer residence in
your fat giant head
criminals are having
a race and idk

yoke my neck
fucking dance core
riding some horse
never even happens
the falafel moment
look at hair
wow possibility of stupid
or cooking
fry my sucks
cool and sexy rink
ice party
my various virginity
if sunrise sucks

I am a kite Rachel
and Pakistan
cool mountain but idk
interesting fern
in heaven everything
is pants its not happening
Im considering a name
always this harbor




moon face
the people go moo
the windows 95
compleat works of so and so
da da da
the mooooon
is biiiiig
lookat it
look at my moon face
nobody knows the trouble i seem
rare, rare, rare
medical sign
let me diffuse
appearances appear wut
the quacking ducks waddle
ask for spare change
the windows close
exit OK
of my rareity

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