Three Poems by Michael Berton

Belly Button Poet

out of continuous creation
        one’s imagination embosoms
                to be spontaneously etcetera
                     everywhere in the world
                               drumming physical belly
                                                spiraling poems rooted
                                                     at the ancestor’s vortex

                                                              you notice a speck
                                                   begin to fiddle amongst
                                     the hidden order of plasma
                        an undulation of anomie
wiggling one’s belly

like Lord Hun-Tun birthing
                 in a calabash drum boat
                         unplugging all orifices
                                       streaming a porous mind
                                                      to the cosmic salvation egg

                                                               one keeps pulling
                                                    this cord of  word
                                            nothing but this cord
                                words pulled from the rough
                  throat amped microphone
orbs of tumultuous belly words

primordial fingers mesh entrails
                deep holler incubation
                       tickled to cosmonic coughing
                                   cerebral reverberations kick
                                          verse spells into echoing walls
                                                          a cavernous universal womb

while wet whirls
whistle wide
waking weary withdrawled walker
wronged with wimpy weed
welds well wolfing wanton wine

whereby whiffing wool
whimsically wild
wobble worship
wails weaving warm
waste when
wealth webbing wanes

we whom wiggle
waltz wordy wisps
welcome worldly worm
without welfare wax
which worry
weasel widows wedding wishes

what whack wrought wick
weeped wang where willows wound

wacky wad went
waddling west whispering
will weird wheel
whittle wayward weaning
wander warble woe
with whammy wheezing
whirl-i-gigs walloping walls

         In The Key Of Cecil – (A Concert Review)

                               “a sphere surrounded by an axis
                                the body is a cellular cantilever”

p  r  a  n  c  i  n  g

                        g  i  n  g  e  r

                                                g  l  i  d  e  s

in small measures
                                p i t t e r  -- p a t t e r
                                p i t t e r  -- p a t t e r
of ju-jit-su dance
trance recitation shuffle
g  l  o  w  i  n  g     beside the Bosendorfer
                                          elastic torso balancing Sufi

                                                r   i   g   h   t      o  n   !
ebony cutting
to the left
on ivory
                                                r   i   g   h   t      o  n   !
ebony cutting
to the left
on ivory
                                                r   i   g   h   t      o  n   !
ebony cutting
to the left
on ivory
                                                r   i   g   h   t      o  n   !

                                                two or three
                                               helical Cecils
                                           swoon and swoosh
                                       swaying in acceleration
                                           gyrating in groove
                                              mentally acute
                                       sliding up reverb scales
                                        decelerating in abrupt
                                            conniption shifts
                                        hemispheric quandaries
                                            interpreting oral
                                        improvisational myths
                                        on the millennial piano

ju-jit-su    t   h   r   u   s   t   s
fingers knuckles pummel
on ninety-six keys
a cauldron of   s  p  a  r  k  i  n  g   keys
liminal in the key
i   v   o   r   y     keys
e   b   o   n   y    keys
a mojo mosaic
keys to the millennium
two   t  h  o  u  s  a  n  d    keys
the Mayan   z  e  r  o   key
ad     i   n   f   i   n   i   t   u   m

           emoting combustible guttural trance tone clusters
            rooted in the belly conjure bombastic percussion
           discussion spastic roots mass knotted in the belly
            transubstantiated discussion percussive full glory
           hips sharp resin swirls stutter spastic from the belly
          percussion hips full tone gut dissing squawk clusters

r  a  z  z  l  e
                        d  a  z  z  l  e
                                                  marathon set

piano   j u    j i t  -  s  u
mythopoeic   j u  -  j  i  t  -  s  u
                        mojo trance
                                           sage dance
                  water gazing mirror
                                    brewing luminous

                      d  o  u  b  l  e        h  e  l  i  x
                                         in  the
                           h  o  l  y       h  o  u  s  e

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