Two POMES by Billy Bob Beamer

[these POMES originally appeared at http://ex-ex-lit.blogspot.com]

plugstic bottlessssrehpent  supersluuuice
ergottree fin ite  fan  slob      berdownn
m I a t h tress regina coke waves bcerius
 slat fallpants turning inwarsh-ed bluoi
greeat ingsings porschibly farmished plot
yet to come. fur therepie dentsplate ovao
looktoth rust east flood hup   toavay   crean
by wonder pond helt winds ad varn-ish  tope
e at tohard to sen seit know it balke until staem
rags odorian flanes not quite firemun choutre ad  figthik
wenat momen tthink hangout tta Bflatto ye street fladebelow

[POME si cal abt.
      .fragile       og/\tin E
  [[“trememem  surbatia fune
        ebb ast cotttter.n
                                  {{di r u oi.red|
 none nictte  sua.vit  si shyssss
asnibtuse n utor obture.  less ness
     not un

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