Three Wordpoems by John M. Bennett

"lent my st"

lent my st
orm K
new you
= dog plate =

muscle door
mismo ,lo
Mitey minD

gasp and drop
heave mumble
my blood b lessure

"Take a Walk"
my lunger shadow ÷ dog air
blocks sight ÷ smelly fridge shoe
gritty sandwich hair ÷ whole frost
windy ear ÷ my damp flake
the smoking bowl ÷ dust dottle
shuttered gnats ÷ crusted coffee sleep
your phone lint ÷ exhalation flag
blot book ÷ sticky ink licked
mud lumber wallowed ÷ foggy stair
stare crowd ÷ my nested armpits
mice and toast ÷ lost lentil
chewed shoelace ÷ the exit time
flocks of hats ÷ doubled lens
poured cloud ÷ my gutted sleeve


pock off
dime off
cram off
lent off
gun off
mile off
mind off
spell off
grime off
tomb off
moan off
dung off
smell off
name off
tongue off
sky off
flame off
clot off
mind off

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