Three Pieces by Darren Wyngarde


pulsing alien time dildo
take comfort you slave worms
eat the drip of boiling tones

Ruby disappearing in prick thunder
her brain a rancid blanket
stuck in boiling pig death sedate pop coil
what a space

shit sniffing boiled hair brainless wig hound
fucking glue the inept video
sniffing video cannibals

and everywhere the dusty shift
beast bone things
brains and graveyard stench
a sea of rancid aliens

twinkle brain
wang vomit
shit shit
complicated barbarian
blowing on the empty bone
nice worm explosion

the inept smell of

uncontrollable dog things

knickers on the edge
submarine diamonds lubed with power

nice vomit wires in empty spaces



beast vomit
the nun smell
shit pop video
dildo hit tones
sniffing of hands
the hog shat empty
uncontrollable tambourine bone
nice wig
moist sluicing cannibals
His eggs drip
bog brain explosion
graveyard power
fucking aliens
sea prick of mime worms
dog of space


doomsday vomit wig with graveyard power
nice teeth in a dirty galaxy

fuck the anxiety of anxious shit worms
fuck their uncontrollable green memories
fuck them where they wriggle

boiling hair in lubed agony
boiling rancid magic

this fucking cosmic house
this rancid cosmic dildo

cosmic cannibals hump hot magic vomit

sniffing anxious glass tones
sniffing boiled funeral dildo
sniffing gravy knickers

funeral smell in impossible glass

anxious and moist

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