Google Translate Poems by Liam Adams


Lips and teeth are the nation's dig - crazy in the end on the bachelor
With the dams to understand the dream tile shares - play it enough to see
The root of all evil, such as hot body is of course the servant broken.
What people Oh! Obstetrics and gynecology and other pathogens and rice bran
Horses sent every day the first batch of his hands - and hot spots
You see that the Department of the eco-black and anti-shares Twist
A hot spot for Mark Pop Day - stability is the same
Such as - to climb Germany
When winter comes to an end


Phosphorus in the Gulf of blood
Towards the blood
I imitate blood
Indulge blood
Man only of blood
The city's blood
Not only the blood
Erase exposure to blood
All blood orchid
Blood is the navigation


It is a good example with bad love
Buddy was filming a strange eagle
Only to the roots outside the door of your fireworks
Switching it to floss, faded tool
I get there, right there and the next issue of the picture
I Do not fire
Erase half of the wise men I wait ovulation
Shine your initiative, pig

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