Three Poems by Brad Liening

Disaster Preparedness

Animals brig sequester
For the best deals in town.

Ravenous flood
Of red teeth and
Gun stink shakes

The playhouse for a fee.
Electric car graveyard
Sings lonesome trap

Green middlemen kill for.
Order whistles and stings

Big eyelid bleed.

Corpse Art Fair

Terrible gills crisp with blood
And crushing the infant
Doctor shopping, this

Is America, mannequin,
Love it and weep. Better
Than a burning plane

Plunging into the oily gulf,
You just got REDRUMed
In the prophylactic teepee.

Body Shop

I balk and tackle.
Sleaze the forthcoming gut repair
And sneeze for plea.

Space lease the slaughterhouse
For gang crank checker manufacture
And hose fees.

Drop unfair defibrillator face for loss.
Time travel scalpel pause
And eye the freeze.

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